?What is Trados and How to use it

Nowadays, there are many translators use Trados for their works. But there are many question from beginners about Trados, and it’s (CAT) tools, they ask many things about how to use Tardos but, before explaining this point, the article will discuss what is trados, what those CAT tools and what is Trados pros and cons

What is Trados?
Trados is a translating software which SDL developed, and it is one of the leading translation companies.Trados is being used by the profession translators, specialists of localization, and the providers of language service to handle their projects. Trados enables them to improve thier projects ands peed up it by using it’s translated previous content.

The software offers many useful key features, which develops translation quality such as:

  •  Translation memory
    of translation memory (TM) allows the person to develop and approve translation content. This key increase translation quality to about 80% and then this improves the translator’s level.
  • terminology management
    It makes a Harmonious tone among all different languages by managing and creating, if you want to, share terminology.
  • project management With Trados project management features, you can quickly and easily create and deliver high-volume translation projects in multiple languages. Combine Studio with its collaboration solutions for high volume projects and complete security control.
  •  machine translation
    You can double your productivity with Language Weaver’s neural machine translation (NMT). This is the perfect solution for translators who want to automatically translate their content using the latest NMT.
  • scalability
    As your team begins to grow, Trados allows you to collaborate seamlessly and increase productivity with secure, shared access to centralized translation files, translation memories, and terminology.
    The secure collaboration solution has his two deployment options: cloud-based or server-based.
  • Cloud capabitities
    Trados Studio’s cloud capabilities give you flexible options for translating, reviewing, and managing your projects via your desktop or browser.

After knowing what Trdos studio is, and it’s key features, now you should know what is Trados (CAT) tools.

Trados CAT tools
CAT tools is an abbreviation to (Computer Assisted Translation) tools
Why is CAT tools very useful?
• CAT tools create consistency.
• CAT increases translation productivity.
• CAT, considered one of translation flexible tools.
• CAT reduces language translation cost, as it’s language is less costly.

How do CAT tools function?

The majority of translation tools adhere to similar ideas. For instance, the majority of CAT tools operate by breaking down the source code into manageable chunks, typically consisting of a single sentence.
The most typical version deletes the appropriate spaces from the right column and puts the original text in the left column. Without becoming lost in the original text they are translating, translators can work individually on each piece that is pertinent.
After processing each segment individually, the translator inserts the translation in the blank area to the right. When every segment is prepared, the CAT tool rejoins the pieces and offers a complete translation in the same manner as the source text.
Most CAT instruments also come with a lot of functions.

How does Trados is being used?

1.To begin, click the Files button. To open the document in the Editor, double-click the translated document.
2. In the left navigation field, click the editable target language fields to bring up the automated translation suggestions. If any translation memory fuzzy matches exist, they are shown next to these recommendations, which are labelled as AT.
3. To fully pre-translate the text using the output of machine translation:
• Choose Retranslate from the batch processing choices.
• Choose the Apply automated translation when no match is found checkbox.
• Press the OK button.

Trados pros and cons

There’s not only pros will have while using trados, but also, there are cons you will have while using it.
Trados Pros
1. A thriving community in addition to a product!
2. Work on any type of files and accept any project. Never again be late for work!
3. Using our cutting-edge technology, increase your translation output.
4. An exceptional review encounter.
5. RWS dominates the translation market and is a trustworthy partner.
6. Workplaces that can be modified to increase productivity.
7. Ensure consistency in terminology use by using Multi Terms, the most potent terminology management tool available.
8. Solutions that scale for every situation, from desktop to server, SaaS to enterprise.
9. With the RWS Certification program, continue your professional development.
10. RWS has been incorporated into the curricula of more than 500 universities worldwide.
Trados cons
1. Expensive. Incredibly pricey for some people.
2. The most expensive edition, Professional, is the only one that offers some features and capabilities.
3. Extremely tardy when it comes to adding new capabilities to the tool that have been present in rival tools for 5–7 years, before claiming to have revolutionized the CAT tool market.
4. unrelenting marketing. Very. Customers are compelled to purchase newer models, even at a cheaper cost.
5. SDL still has a tendency to release products that are just partially complete. This leads to numerous repairs and service packs. The system can occasionally crash in the middle of the project.
6. Hardware-demanding. Works best on computers with SSD and multicore processors (i5-i7).

To sum up, Trados Studio is one of the essential tools for translators and professionals, who want to improve their translation quality. When you choose to using Trados, you will save your time and achieve your projects with less effort. Trados key features is an investment which enables you to enhance your translation quality and productivity.